Baked with Love

Posted on April 10, 2012


Hi everybody,  I’m making a real attempt of running this blog successfully again.  So to update I’ve been seeing an amazing guy since December.  He is an officer in the army, and currently deployed.  Besides a few random stories and gifts I put in his care packages he isn’t going to be discussed much because of possible security issues. This blog will cover a big range of topics; military life, cooking, fitness, family life, real estate, and other shenanigans.

I have been dying to blog about this.  Jar Cakes.  I first read about them a few years ago by a military wife who was sending them to her hubby overseas.  You bake them in the jar, and just stick the lid on right afterwards so the heat seals them.

I originally made some red velvet jar cakes and based off of lots of research (trolling the comments of other blogs) that I should stick to vegan for when I want to send them overseas.  Thus ensuring they don’t spoil and get all nasty.  I took THIS RECIPE but with a few minor changes.  I used almond milk for soy, a rich vanilla bean paste instead of extract, and apple cider vinegar instead of white.  I keep seeing  people using applesauce instead of oil.  So I decide divvy up my recipe into halves.  Half was made with 1/3 cup oil and half with applesauce.  My mother and I taste tested them and couldn’t tell the difference.  So I sent my guy 4 jar cakes with the oil made ones, and gave out/ ate the ones made with applesauce.  They got sent in the first care package.  He had to give one of the jars to my sisters fiance.  He works in the same area as my man.

For the second care package I made Strawberry Lemonande Cake

in a jar.  That recipe I found because of a scrumptious looking photo on pinterest.   I had “veganfy” it so I didn’t give the man food poisoning.  This pic shows myingredients list plus a little water.  The turned out pretty darn good, I mixed some of the lemonade drink mix into the batter.  I did replace the oil and eggs with applesauce.  They kind of came out with almost a muffin like texture.  Here are a few photos to show the process.  I’m so happy I started remembering to photograph stuff again.  I really wish my little pocket canon 13megapix took crisper photos, or even my phone 8megapix.  My DSLR takes some of the best ever, but it’s pretty awkward to pull that thing out in the middle of a restaurant.  It obviously screams “I’M TRYING TO BE A FOODIE AND RUN A BLOG”

Sorry if there are multiples of a few of the photos.

This is my Georgie.  This is how he looks at me whenever I cook and don’t give him anything.

I’ve got a meeting in the morning, followed by finishing up a listing I just got.  I would like to catch and episode of Golden Girls before I pass out. My listing is for a 2 bed/ 2 bath condo close to Ft. Bragg and shopping.  It’s going to be $63,000.  I will post photos of it tomorrow.

It’s taken almost 2 hours to post this, mostly because it’s been so long since I’ve done it.  Excited to get back into it.  Now that I got to talk about my 2 big projects, it will be a lot of day to day stuff.  I will do my best not to disappoint.